The DiY has devoted itself for the service of health. The experts at DiY have always endeavoured to make products only from healthy basic materials. Since what can be more important than preserving our health? We often think that in our rushing lifestyle we do not have enought time to live a healthy life, but in a healthy body it turns out that this ain’t a rushing life. The DiY products give enormous aid on the road to reach health.


Program for vitality and shape preservation:


A LifeStyle Pak (multivitamin) 15-30 minutes before breakfast

Mid-afternoon snack:

M.R.P. Super Shake: 100% WPC 10g + Milk&Caseinate 10g + Carbohydrate Complex 20g + Enzyme&Fiber + BCAA 2:1:1 + flavor.


LifeStyle Anti Aging Cream (facial cream) after your evening shower/bath, before bed.