Diet (Slimming diet)

A healthier body in itself is more aesthetic, than the one which seemingly is not Who ever starts a diet does this because he/she is not satisified with the picture int he mirror. A lot of people think about diet as fasting, but this by no means what it is all about. The products of DiY diet no only give aid in losing weight, but also to feel good in our healthy body.


Program for fat reduction and muscle preservation (slimming diet):

Morning :

1 capsule of 2FS Fat Free Shape (fat burner) before breakfast

Mid morning snack:

A LifeStyle Pak (multivitamin) 15-30 minutes after mid-morning snack

Before lunch:

A shake 30 minutes before lunch to reduce appetite e.g. the NO APPETITE Super Shake: Milk&Caseinate 15g + Enzyme&Fiber + flavor.


2 capsules of 2FS Fat Free Shape (fat burner).

Important: Men: 1 pack of PFE Motivation drink + 10g L-Glutamine 15-30 minutes

before training, with water. 60 minutes before training, 1 capsule of 2FS Fat Free



Drink a 100 % SUPER LEAN Super Shake: 100% WPI 25g + BCAA 2:1:1 + L-Glutamine + flavor.

Apply 2FS Cellulite Cream – on affected areas after showering/bathing.

In place of dinner:

Drink a DIET Super Shake: 100% WPC 10g + Milk&Caseinate 10g + Carbohydrate complex 5g + 10g Enzyme&Fiber + flavor.

Important: if you train in the mornings, in order to achieve your target quicker, use a meal replacement instead of your last meal (dinner).


Apply the LifeStyle Anti Aging Cream (facial cream) after showering/bathing, before going to bed.